Genesis of my hybridization. Implants


Series of small installations

Hosting other organs or organisms in one’s own body, becoming a biotope rather than being an individual with defined body boundaries, abandoning an anthropocentric vision of nature so as to comprehend the self as a living, complex and shifting whole: a symbiosis, a metaorganism.
Incubators house organs or organisms being developed and waiting to be transplanted into the host metaorganism. Human hybridization, in vitro creation of living forms – fiction is not so far from reality, in the light of current experiments to develop human organs through induced pluripotent stem cells implanted in animal embryos.

Installation for each implant: soft sculpture (silicone, stones, pigments) floating in water, glass vase, additive, lamp, fabric cap, 25 x 19 x 19 cm.

See many views of the installations in the exhibition Exolotion at Heussenstamm. Raum für Kunst und Stadt, Frankfurt (Photos by Philipp Lenssen for his project Corona Browser), Sept-Oct. 2021.