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Drawing performance with overhead projection
Walpodencekalender – live advent calendar

Thursday, 8 December 2022
6 – 7 pm
Neubrunnenstraße 8
55116 Mainz

What happens in a landscape when rain falls on dry ground and thirsty vegetation? Microscopically, a few drops of water suddenly bring many organisms back to life. Gelatinous masses of algae form in puddles, protozoa swarm, amoebas begin to move slowly…
In the performance I will “draw” liquid, moving images, as if through a microscope, using overhead projection.
Since 2021, I have been working on the dramatic man-made water shortage in landscapes worldwide. Because of the increasingly drier continents, the earth’s axis is even shifting. We could very well take countermeasures, as amazing examples in Pakistan, Zimbabwe, China and India show. My works „Kiesel, Sand und Modder“ (performance with Makiko Nishikaze, 2021) and „Schwammlandschaft“ (installation at Else!3, 2023) address the possibilities of restoring slow water cycles.

Walpodencekalender 2023

Project #13: malatsion
The window exhibition at the project room of the DavisKlemmGallery runs until 18 February.
Open door Sunday 10 December, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
DavisKlemmGallery Project room
Kirchstrasse 4,
D-65239 Hochheim am Main
The installation is illuminated daily: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

From land art to the creation of sponge landscapes

WORKSHOP on Saturday 18 November, 3 p.m.
Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg e.V.
Landingstraße 16
63739 Aschaffenburg

How can we design landscapes in Europe and around the world so that they can store water again and develop resilience against drought and flooding?
In the workshop, participants will get to know design techniques for more water in the soil, in the landscape and in the local climate and creatively implement them using landscape models in clay, sand, earth and water.



1 October – 19 November 2023
Opening: Saturday 30 September 2023, 6 pm
Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg e.V.
Landingstraße 16
63739 Aschaffenburg
Opening hours:
Tue. – Sun. & public holidays 11 am – 5 pm

The extensive programme includes film screenings, art actions, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, readings and much more.
More at KunstLANDing
Curated by Thomas Sterna and Iris Solbès
With: Friederike Bechtel & Annekathrin Merz (HfG-Gmuend), Franz & Verena Biggel, Julia – Kunstkollektiv Tentakel, Hannes Egger, Andrea Fraser, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Nikolaus Heyduck, Wil-ma Kammerer, Gruppe Kunst 2050  (Manfred Diefenbach, Achim Momm, Andrea Noeske-Porada), Christin Lahr, Verena Landau, malatsion, Wolfgang Müllerschön, Ralf Münz, Nils Pooker, Christiane Rath, Katharina Schnitzler, Michaela Schrabeck, Thomas Sterna, Benjamin Zuber & Thomas Weinberger. 
What do the mayor’s official chair, works by more than 25 artists, films, lectures and documentaries have to do with each other? The KunstLANDing deals with the acute issues of our time in the ZERO : ARTLAB. The Aschaffenburger Kunstverein – KunstLANDing invites artists to present projects in an art laboratory that deal with the current challenges of resource scarcity and crisis-like global developments. This creates a “living and working environment” that addresses the questions of the time in the form of an art lab.

Solo exhibition
7 September – 30 October 2023
Regionalgalerie Südhessen
Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt
Luisenplatz 2
64283 Darmstadt
Opening: Thursday 7 September 2023, 6 pm
Finissage: Monday 30 October 2023, 6 pm with performance „Waldbestattung“ („forest burial“)
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10 am – 4.30 pm, Friday 10 am – 3 pm

malatsion’s work at the interface between art, natural sciences and ecology deals with questions of the resilience of living beings in the Anthropocene and human intervention in the living. For the Regional Gallery Südhessen, she is planning an exhibition around the theme of the age of extreme living conditions; she asks how humans can react/act and visualises scenarios of adaptation.

Regionalgalerie Südhessen

else!3 Treibhaus
29 April – 30 July 2023
Friedhofstr. 6 · 97702 Münnerstadt, Germany

The art project else!3 once again transforms a vacant building in Münnerstadt into a multi-faceted cultural centre. With an area of more than 3 hectares, the large-scale greenhouses with outdoor area of a former market garden offer a fascinating terrain to formulate the contemporary issues of climate, energy, sustainability and self-sufficiency with the means of art in an interdisciplinary way.

During the eleven days of my short artist residency at „else!3 Treibhaus“ art project in Münnerstadt (DE) I created an installation with hay, „Schwammlandschaft“ (Sponge Landscape). The artwork can be seen on site until 30 July, as well as the new exhibition „Treibhaus 3“.

else!3 Treibhaus

International Printing Art Exhibition

with contributions from Australia, China, Germany, Austria, Pakistan, USA
Vernissage: 27 April, 6-10 p.m. (night of art and culture in Mainz P ART)
open: 01 + 08 + 15 May 4-6 p.m
Finissage: 18 May, 7:30 p.m. with buffet (please register), book presentation and music performances.
Neubrunnenstrasse 8
55116 Mainz

Analogue versus digital, sustainable printing in the context of climate change, or what do printed works mean and show as an artistic medium in the age of increasing digitalization.
From 18 to 21 May, the Walpodenakademie and BRANDstiftung will be represented at a stand at the 26th Mainzer Minipressen-Messe, the international book fair for small publishers and artist books, in the Rheingoldhalle Mainz.
My work „Ausrüstung für die Zukunft (Teil # 3422)“ (Equipment for the Future (Part # 3422)) will be exhibited for the first time – a triptych with linocut, cold wax hot-printing, cut-out and three-dimensional folding. An experimental DIY guide as an ironic low-tech counterpart of the 3D printer.

group exhibition
18 March – 30 July 2023
Opening: Thursday 16 March 2023, 7.30 pm
Opening hours: Sat. 2-6 pm, Sun. and public holidays 11 am – 6 pm
Kunstverein KISS
Schloss, 73453 Abtsgmünd-Untergröningen

The extensive exhibition spreads over the many floors and wings of the baroque castle. Works by Günter Beier, Anna Bittersohl, Esther van der Bie, Bean Finneran, Katharina Gierlach, Ottmar Hörl, Urban Hütter, Philipp Kummer, malatsion, Hiroyuki Masuyama, Nguyen Xuan Huy, Martin Walde, and many other artists and scientific projects.

Kunst Im Schloss Untergröningen
Instagram: @kissuntergroeningen

malatsion – Selena Kimball
Paper Variations

Opening: Friday, 24 February 2023 6 pm
Exhibition: 25.February 2023 – 08 April 2023
Wolfstaedter Galerie
Rotlintstrasse 98
60389 Frankfurt

Wolfstaedter Galerie

Book release
Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads

Stockholm launch
18:00 – 20:00 CET, Thursday 2 February 2023
at Index, Kungsbrostrand 19, 11226 Stockholm
Oslo launch
17:00 – 19:00 Monday 27 February 2023
at PRAKSIS, Rådhusgata 19, 0158 Oslo

This artists’ book arises from collective work conducted in March 2022 during PRAKSIS’s residency 21, Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads. The residents were artists Kajsa Dahlberg, Miriam Döring, Annike Flo, Sive Hamilton Helle, Eli Maria Lundgaard, malatsion, Lexie Owen, Rebekka Sæter and Ylva Westerlund.
The residency investigated the ways that the human body, constantly entangled as it is with the other stuff of the world, serves as a measure of the health of the whole environment. The residents’ research focused on the idea of porosity: a softening of the boundaries between human and non-human bodies and the visible and invisible elements that surround them.
Key research questions included: What is an environmentally “normal” body? How is that norm established, and by whom? Might non-normative experiences of heightened sensitivity offer opportunities to better understand our environment? How is toxicity defined: at what point do we recognize something as toxic? In precarious times, how can relationships of care be fostered between human and non-human bodies?
This publication, containing reflections, proposals, artworks, documentation and traces of collective thinking processes, charts the residents’ responses to these questions.
PRAKSIS residency 21, Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads was developed with Kajsa Dahlberg in collaboration with Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation. It was supported by Arts Council Norway, City of Oslo, The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Goethe Institut Norge.

INDEX Book release Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads
PRAKSIS Book release Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads

Christine Fiebig & malatsion
Drawing and shadow play performance
Walpodencekalender – live advent calendar

Thursday, 8 December 2022
6 – 7 pm
Neubrunnenstraße 8
55116 Mainz

video of the performance
Walpodencekalender 2022

malatsion & Ulrike von der Osten

Opening: Friday, 2.12.2022. 7 pm
Introduction by Florian Koch, curator and publisher, Frankfurt
Exhibition: 3 December 2022 – 1 January 2023
Opening hours: Wed, Sat, Sun 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm (open on all public holidays)
Finissage with performance: Sunday, 1.1.2023, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Stadtgalerie Bad Soden
Königsteiner Str. 86
65812 Bad Soden

Reset, restart – a system gets out of balance when the dynamics of its components behave differently. Then even a small trigger can cause the system to tip over. The question of the conditions of complex systems occupies both artists in their own medium.
For this exhibition malatsion will be showing an installation, „the chamber of whispers“, which deals with endocrine disruptors, those artificial chemicals that act like hormones in the body, even in minute amounts. How do bodies become unbalanced under this chemical stress? What new life arises under the influence of these chemicals? Can bodies and species create rapid adaptation?
„The chamber of whispers“ is one of the results of malatsion’s participation in the artist residency „Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads“, R21 PRAKSIS thematic residency & collective artistic research, with Kajsa Dahlberg and Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, at PRAKSIS, Oslo.

Ulrike von der Osten
Stadtgalerie Bad Soden
Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads

malatsion: entre deux eaux
solo exhibition
Opening weekend: Sat. 27 August and Sun. 28 August, 3 – 6 pm
Exhibition: 27 August – 15 October 2022
Opening hours: Fr.– Sat. 12 am – 6 pm and by appointment
Steinern-Kreuz-Weg 22 – 24a
55246 Wiesbaden (OT Mainz-Kostheim)


JUNGE KUNST WAGEN! 50 Jahre 1822-Forum
group exhibition
Opening: Sat. 14 May, 6 pm
Exhibition: 14 May – 05 June 2022
Opening hours: Tue. – Sun. 1 – 7 pm
Kunstverein Familie Montez
Honsellstraße 7
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Kunstverein Familie Montez

Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads
R21 PRAKSIS thematic residency & collective artistic research

with Kajsa Dahlberg and Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation
2 March – 1 April 2022
Rådhusgata 19, 0158 Oslo
R21 residents: Kajsa Dahlberg (SE/NO), Miriam Döring (DE), Annike Flo (NO), Sive Hamilton Helle (NO), Eli Maria Lundgaard (NO), malatsion (FR/DE), Olha Marusyn (UA), Lexie Owen (CA), Rebekka Sæter (NO), Pia Aimée Tordly (NO), and Ylva Westerlund (SE)

malatsion’s participation at PRAKSIS is supported by Goethe-Institut Norwegen

PRAKSIS R21 Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads

Botanique fantastique
Christine Fiebig & malatsion
Drawing performance
Walpodencekalender – live advent calendar

5 December 2021, 6-7 pm
Walpodenakademie, Forum für interdisziplinäre experimentelle Kunst und Projekte
Neubrunnenstraße 8, DE-55116 Mainz

video of the performance

Das Lebende in unseren Händen

Ausstellung vom 19. bis 28. November 2021
Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 18. November 2021, 19 Uhr
mit der Kunstaktion „panorama“, durchgeführt von Christine Fiebig
Finissage: Sonntag, 28. November 2021, 16 Uhr
mit der Performance „Waldbestattung“, aufgeführt von malatsion
und Katalogpräsentation

Schulstraße 1A
60594 Frankfurt am Main
Öffnungszeiten: Mi, Do 18 – 20 Uhr und Fr, Sa, So 14 – 18 Uhr

Zur Ausstellung erscheint der Katalog malatsion – Das Lebende in unseren Händen, KANN-Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2021
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Kulturamts der Stadt Frankfurt am Main sowie des Neustart-Programms des Bundesministeriums für Kultur und Medien.

Kunstforum International
Band 277
Leonardo im Labor
Kunst und Wissenschaft im 21. Jahrhundert

herausgegeben von der Kunstkritikerin Sabine B. Vogel.
Die Arbeit „Genese/genesen“ wird in diesem Band vorgestellt, innerhalb eines spannenden Panoramas aktueller Positionen an der Schnittstelle zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft.

Kunstforum International

malatsion / Edwin Schäfer

Eröffnung Dienstag 7. September 16-21 Uhr
Ausstellung von 08. September bis 09. Oktober 2021
Künstler*ingespräch 25.09.2021 16:00 Uhr
Was wächst denn da? Die Künstlerin malatsion und der Künstler Edwin Schäfer im Gespräch mit Christian Kaufmann über künstliches Leben und wie der Mensch in die Natur eingreift.
Heussenstamm. Raum für Kunst und Stadt, Braubachstraße 34, 60311 Frankfurt

Heussenstamm. Raum für Kunst und Stadt

fragile fertile

Sonntag 5. September, 14 Uhr
Open Studios Künstlerhof Frohnau, Hubertusweg 60, 13465 Berlin

Künstlerhof Frohnau

Kiesel Sand Modder – Performance für einen Pfuhl
malatsion – Plastik und Aktion
Makiko Nishikaze – Klangperformance

Projektleitung: Kathrin Schrader
Samstag, 4. September 2021, 15 Uhr
Leo-Borchard-Musikschule, Grabertstraße 4, 12169 Berlin-Steglitz.
facebook instagram

Coppelia 1
…und am Anfang das Wasser …
Natur – Menschenwerk

Vernissage: Donnerstag, 26. August 2021, 16 bis 20 Uhr
Ausstellung von 27. August bis 2. Oktober 2021, Di-Fr 14-19 / Sa 13-17
Petersburger Str. 76 A
10249 Berlin

COPPELIA, die mechanische Puppe, sollte in E. T. A. Hoffmanns Text zu menschlichem Leben erweckt werden. In einem dreiteiligen Ausstellungsprojekt der INSELGALERIE Berlin steht sie für die Grenzen des menschlichen Schöpferdrangs, der uns heute zu überfordern droht. Biologie, Technologie, Künstliche Intelligenz, Ökonomie und Ökologie: Alles hängt komplex zusammen. Unser Lebensumfeld verändert sich tiefgreifend, gewohnte Vorstellungen und Lebensformen müssen hinterfragt werden. Die alte Frage, wer wir Menschen eigentlich sind und worin unser Wert liegt, stellt sich unter neuen Vorzeichen. Die Ausstellungen COPPELIA 1-3 vereinen Arbeiten von 28 Künstlerinnen und einer Projektgruppe.
… und am Anfang das Wasser …
Natur – Menschenwerk
Schwerpunkt sind ökologische und ästhetische Aspekte des Wassers, jenes lebensspendenden Elementes, das Raumsonden in anderen Teilen des Alls bisher vergeblich suchten.


Lockdown. Kunst und Krise
group exhibition
17 March – 9 April 2021
Wednesday – Saturday, 2 – 6 pm
Heussenstamm. Raum für Kunst und Stadt
Braubachstr. 34, 60311 Frankfurt

Heussenstamm. Raum für Kunst und Stadt

Anatomie créative
Artist’s book release on the occasion of the exhibition Lockdown. Kunst und Krise
Zum Start der Ausstellung veröffentlichen Christine Fiebig & malatsion gemeinsam das Künstlerbuch „Anatomie créative“, ein Heft von 44 Seiten im DIN A4 Format in einer limitierten Auflage von 100 Stück, jedes Einzelne nummeriert und handsigniert. (Preis: 75 €) Ein außergewöhnlicher Dialog zweier Künstlerinnen auf dem Papier – ein analoges Objekt, in dem Sprache, Wissenschaft und Zeichnung aufeinandertreffen.

Christine Fiebig – Zeichnerin

Walpodencekalender – Performatives von Tag zu Tag
live advent calendar
Performance Waldbestattung
4 December 2020, 6-7 pm
Walpodenakademie, Forum für interdisziplinäre experimentelle Kunst und Projekte
Neubrunnenstraße 8, DE-55116 Mainz

video of the performance

Zimmerecken auf dem Klavier und im Garten
group exhibition
03 – 30 October 2020
Opening Saturday 03 October 2020, 11 am – 6 pm
curated by Martin Schwarz
Villa Flora
Tösstalstrasse 42, CH-8400 Winterthur
with an extensive publication by Martin Schwarz, EigenArt Verlag

fragile fertile – oder: der Garten wird zur CO2-Senke
29. – 30. August 2020
Am Sonntag 30. August, von 13 bis 16 Uhr ist die Aktion öffentlich.
Ein Projekt für das
gARTenstipendium, 33-stündige Kunstaktion im Garten
Frank Terwey
Wagnerstrasse 14
46325 Borken (Westfalen)
Gefördert vom Kulturbüro der Stadt Borken.

ARTLOCH Prod. Frank Terwey

Das Gefühl, als berührte man einen anderen Körper…
Wie geht es dir, malatsion?
A conversation with Kathrin Schrader, 6 May 2020
Phone call about collective artistic work
A podcast by Kathrin Schrader, Inselgalerie

Podcasts Inselgalerie

SCOUT Kettinge 2019
group exhibition
October 2019 – September 2020
Opening 12 October 2019, 1 – 5 pm
Galleri Heike Arndt DK
Rågelundevej 9
4892 Kettinge, Denmark

Galleri Heike Arndt DK

META Berlin 2019
Marko Kusmuk (BA)
malatsion (FR)
Vanessa Notley (GB)
Heike Ruschmeyer (DE)

4 September – 2 November 2019
Exhibition opening: 4 September 2019, 7 p.m.
Galleri Heike Arndt DK
Voigtstrasse 12
10247 Berlin

Galleri Heike Arndt DK

Galleri Heike Arndt DK & Inselgalerie, Berlin
Exhibition openings:
5 June 2019, 7 p.m. at Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin
6 June 2019, 7 p.m. at INSELGALERIE Berlin

Galleri Heike Arndt DK

30 May – 22 July 2019
group exhibition, series „HOME IS WHERE MY ART IS“
Forum für interdisziplinäre experimentelle Kunst und Projekte
Neubrunnenstraße 8, 55116 Mainz, Germany
opening: Thursday 30 May 19:30

facebook event

w/k – Between Science and Art
malatsion: Genese/genesen

a conversation with Peter Tepe
published 30 April 2019

w/k – Between Science and Art, malatsion: Genese/genesen

Prolog X9 – Versuch und Irrtum
26.04. – 12.05.2019
Prolog – Heft für Zeichnung und Text
Opening hours: Thur–Sun 15.00 – 19.00
c/o KUNSTPUNKT, Schlegelstraße 6, Berlin-Mitte

Prolog – Heft für Zeichnung und Text

International André Evard-Art Award
Exhibition of the nominees
November 3rd, 2018 to February 18th, 2019
Opening: November 2nd, 2018, 7 pm
kunsthalle messmer
Grossherzog-Leopold-Platz 1
D-79359 Riegel a.K., Germany
Opening hours: Tue–Sun 10.00 – 17.00

kunsthalle messmer

global paper 4
International Triennale of Paper Art Deggendorf 2018
13 May – 7 October 2018
Opening: 12 May at 7 pm
Stadtmuseum und Handwerksmuseum Deggendorf
Östlicher Stadtgraben 28, D-94469 Deggendorf, Germany
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 10.00 – 16.00, Sun 10.00 – 17.00

global paper 4

Transit artist residency, project „else!²“
Bahnhof Münnerstadt | Bahnhofstr. 11 | 97702 Münnerstadt, Germany
art project „else!²“ in Münnerstadt: „Abgefahren!“
28 April – 12 August 2018
Opening: 28 April, at 19h30
Bahnhof Münnerstadt | Bahnhofstr. 11 | 97702 Münnerstadt, Germany
Opening hours: Thu – Sun 14.00 – 20.00

9 June – 21 July 2018
Opening: 09 June 2018, 17.00
Walpodenakademie Mainz
Forum für interdisziplinäre experimentelle Kunst und Projekte
Neubrunnenstraße 8, 55116 Mainz, Germany
Opening hours: Monday 18.00-20.00